About Us

Four core issues/values for Florida Democrats:

Protection of land and waters

Investment in education

Fairness and equality

Protection of the middle class

Our Mission Statement

  • Fight ignorance, poverty, racism, and environmental degradation.
  • Promote
    • Democratic core values of inclusiveness, health care as human right
    • A minimum wage that reflects the current economic cost of living
  • Strengthen
    • Social Security
    • Unemployment compensation
    • Environmental protection
    • Free public school education
    • Universal suffrage (voting rights)
  • Bolster the middle class through social contracts as defined by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson


The club helps do that by:

  • Defining issues and informing club members through speakers and other media.
  • Promoting candidates who will fight for our Democratic Core Values.
  • Keeping our goals and the ideals and principles of the New Deal and the Great Society alive and healthy.
  • Protecting the vulnerable by fighting discrimination and
  • Promoting “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness[1] for all not just a few.

[1] From the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776 (http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/)

To encourage good citizenship

To voice our concerns to our elected officials

To educate ourselves on the issues

To encourage others to join the Democratic Party

2017 West Citrus Democratic Club Goals:

To encourage Democrats to run for office

2017 Officers
Roger Cullen - President

The West Citrus Democratic Club (WCDC) is a political club
chartered by the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) of
Citrus County, FL and the Florida Democratic Party (FDP).

Other local Democratic groups include The Citrus County Young
Democrats, the Citrus County Democratic Black Caucus, and the
Crystal River High School Young Democrat Club.


Mary Gregory - Recording Secretary
Doreen Lavista - Secretary

John Mulder - Treasurer

Lew Chandler - Vice President

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