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We are registered voters in Citrus County, Florida, who support a progressive platform for our local government, our state government, and the country.


We welcome you to join us, regardless of your race, religion, gender identification, or any of the labels that have become so prevalent in today's world!

The West Citrus Democrats work together to support progressive candidates and policies for our local, state, and national governement.


We work together to support our local platform, which is detailed on our About Us! page.


Second Chance Presentation

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Help support our Mission statement goals, which you can see here on our About Us page.

To learn more, contact us by: 

Phone: 352-628-2261

Email: westcitrusdems@gmail.com


Most of us are fortunate to have good neighbors surrounding us. On one side we might have a police officer, with 2 beautiful children. On the other side is the high school coach who has a reputation of helping his students, far beyond their high school years, and across the street might be the one who never misses an opportunity to volunteer for a local project that improves  the community. You would never guess that any one of these good neighbors might be banned from voting. 
Often, a mistake made at a young age can turn into a felony. Despite serving time and paying their debts to society, they are banned from voting.The young person will grow into a responsible adult who contributes to the welfare of his community. He will pay taxes, volunteer, offer support but will not have a voice at election time.There are 1.6 million Floridians who are affected.This law makes little sense. What possible good does it do? 
The West Citrus Democratic Club has invited Kate Betsko, President of the League of Women Voters of Citrus County, to give a presentation on Second Chance at their September meeting. This is an effort comprised of many Florida organizations, which share the goal to having the voting rights of nonviolent former felons reinstated once they have met their sentence and paid their dues to society. 
Volunteers are gathering signatures on petitions for a  constitutional amendment to be on the 2018 ballot, which will accomplish this.
The meeting is at Riveria Cantina Restaurant, 1935 SE US Hwy 19, Crystal River 34429. Join us for a self-pay lunch at noon. The presentation starts at 12:30 p.m. The business meeting, for members only, beings immediately following the presentation. For more information, please call  352-628-2261.

Our next meeting is Saturday, September 9 at the Riviera Mexican Restaurant on Suncoast Highway.

Gather at noon to enjoy (a self-pay) lunch with like thinkers. The business meeting, for members only, begins at 1:00 p.m.


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